Susan Peters Survives Major Fire Outbreak After Lazy Gateman Poured Fuel Into Generator While It Was On

Susan Peters is happy that God did not allow her enemies win last night after her Range Rover SUV nearly caught fire. According to her:

"The enemies have failed again. ThankGod for life. This is what happens when you have a lazy gateman ,he was putting fuel in a generator while on and it exploded and caught my car. What stopped him from putting the generator off before putting the fuel?I was lucky we were able to put it off otherwise the fuel tank would have exploded. It s well.. No one should put fuel while an engine or generator is running,this gateman was lucky to eacape he would have been completely burnt. 
Godswithus # ThankGod for life😇. The incident happened at my friends place and not my house please take note. Its my friends gate man that did this."