'Beyonce Has Never Liked Kim, She's Always Icy Towards Her' • Insiders Reveal Why Jay Z & Kanye No Longer Get Along

Behind every guy-beef, there's a woman (or women) involved. When two guys go from being best friends to sworn enemies, usually, it's a woman who probably caused it.

A week after it emerged that Jay Z can no longer 'stand' his former bff, Kanye West - sources have revealed that their wives don't see eye to eye either.

According to Page Six, the reason behind the rappers' feud ' stems right back to Beyoncé’s dislike of Kim and that’s why Blue Ivy and North West have never had a play date.”

A source close to the Kardashian clan told site on Wednesday: "Beyoncé has never genuinely liked Kim. She’s mostly tolerated her because of their husbands’ friendship and [their] mutual friends, like Jennifer Lopez.

"She is always a little icy to Kim. The last time they hung out, the minute Beyoncé could leave the conversation, she did. They always have lots of awkward pauses."

The source claims the proof can be found as far back as Kim and Kanye's wedding in 2014 - to which Bey and Jay were invited but didn't turn up.

"[Beyoncé’s] behavior during the wedding proved she isn’t Kim’s biggest fan," they said.

Mr and Mrs Carter apparently liked 'the old Kanye' before Kim, and that they give him stick whenever he appears on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"[Beyonce] always gives Kanye a lot of grief whenever he’s done anything for the show," the source said.

Rumours of bad blood was sparked last week when Kanye lashed out at Jay for failing to show enough concern after Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris (recap).