Demon Possessed Woman Screams In Agony During Exorcism Ritual On Coffin to Free Her of Evil Spirits

This is the bizarre moment a 'possessed' woman is freed of evil spirits during an exorcism in front of 300,000 pilgrims in Romania. The footage shows her screaming as she is placed next to the preserved corpse of a Christian saint.

The bizarre exorcism ritual ceremony took place during the annual yearly celebration of Saint Paraskeva, the patron of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi.

Many orthodox Christians flock to the ceremony to see holy relics which allegedly have miraculous powers.

The possessed woman's head was held tightly and placed on the glass coffin with two riot policemen holding her down.

She kept screaming asking to be let go.

A priest joined in and told the policemen 'Don’t let her go.'

But the demon in the woman screams back: 'I’m not getting out.'