Cossy Orjakor Says A Nigerian Footballer Is Planning To Lick Champagne Off Her Breasts In A Raunchy Truth or Dare Party He's Throwing For Her

Hmm. Cossy Orjakor has just revealed that a naija footballer is going to host her this Friday at a "truth or dare" party. She claims the unnamed footballer will pour champagne all over her boobs and lick her up.

According to her: "so my celebrity friend couldnt attend my birthday party.....was to calm me down she got our Nigerian footballer to host me this Friday.... At.... Hahahaha .wait for the graphic.. . All expense paid..truth or dare games.. Hahahaha ama dare someone to pour champagne all over janet and lick it all up. Hahaha. Waiting for the graphics to come out . #life of a #party #girl"

But that's not all! Busty Cossy also boasted that her most prized assets have been saving lives for decades. She boldly called herself a SLUT - sluttyarkor! Peep below...