'I'm A Polygamist, I Want At Least 20 Children' • 9ice Urges Men to Marry More Than One Wife Because A Man Can't Be With One Woman Only (Video)

In a round-table discussion on EbonyLife TV's Moments Girls Talk - singer 9ice boldly declared that he is a big supporter of Polygamy because he feels it's necessary for men in our society to marry multiple women owing to the fact that there are more women than men.

According to him, he plans to remarry someday but he won't marry only one woman. He says there are too many women who want him and it will be impossible to settle down with just one woman.

"We have more women currently. If one man marries just one wife, other women will be useless. It would be unfair if a man marries one wife," he said.

He also said he plans to populate the earth with at least 20 kids. Right now he has four children from three different women - and he has 16 more to go.

9ice was previously married to ex-wife Toni Payne for a year-and-half. They have a son together. His name is Zion.

After his divorce from Toni, he moved on to Abuja big girl Victoria Godis - with whom he has two daughters (twins - Miya and Maya).

He's presently dating events planner Sunkanmi Ajala. They have one child together - a daughter named Michelle.

Watch the entire conversation below (but the part where he said he wants 20 kids, starts at the 22:mark)