Jonathan Mocks Buhari: 'I Was Elected President to Spread Wealth, Not Poverty • I Fought Corruption Without Making Noise'

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday October 24, said that he was never elected as Nigeria’s president to spread poverty but to generate and spread wealth.

Jonathan who spoke at the Oxford Union, with the theme ‘Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship, and succeeding US Secretary of State who spoke at the same event in May this year, said that only being entrepreneurial can completely cure poverty and not  having a job or working for someone.

I once said that I was not elected President of Nigeria to spread poverty; I was elected to generate and spread wealth. My belief in this regard is that getting a job or being a worker cannot completely cure the disease of poverty. It is only your own business that can provide such security and give you the financial freedom you need to prosper.

Jonathan, whose speech was streamed live, rhetorically queried his audience asking  why some nations are rich and others remain poor.

I fought corruption without making noise — Jonathan 
Jonathan also said yesterday, that his administration fought corruption in the country without making noise about it.

Responding to inquiries by some of the students regarding his administration’s fight against corruption,

Jonathan said he would not like to “interfere with the legal processes” because “several matters are pending in court.” He however, said he did enough to reform anti-corruption agencies to enable them function effectively.

“We reformed the institutions and introduced various mechanisms to stop the corruption problems in our country without publicity,” he said,

Using his Twitter handle, the former President paid glowing tributes to Nigerian youth and said: “Any nation that does not spend its wealth and resources to develop the capacity of its youth, will be forced to use them to fight insecurity.

“As a leader, you can decide through your policies to educate the youth, or face the consequences of failing to do so,” he said. He also said his administration put in place some youth related policies, which, he said, helped grow the Nigerian economy.

“Despite incredible challenges, Nigerian youths are achieving great things and placing Nigeria positively in the world map. They inspire us,” he said.

He also said his administration increased the allowances due to Youth Corps members by more than 100% in 2011. Mr. Jonathan added that the PDP administration that he led “identified Nollywood as a sector that can employ many young people and provided a grant of $200 million to boost the industry.”