Kaffy's Former Dancer Blasts Her For Being A Hypocrite: "You Treat Us The Same Way Davido Treated You"

Kaffy's dancers are coming for her! Was her outburst against Davido yesterday a case of pot calling kettle black?

Seems like the same complaints she had about Davido mistreating dancers and not paying them - are the exact same issues her dancers are having with her.

Michael Omani, a professional dancer has called out Kaffy for mishandling dancers who work for her.  In a Facebook video, Micheal lashed out at Kaffy, saying:

"I disagree with what Kaffy said. If you want to throw shades at anybody, do it without involving dancers because the same thing you said Davido did to you is what you do to us and I bet if dancer vote we’ll vote you out that you are wrong. You call dancers for shows, you don’t pay them, you take dancers to Calabar and you leave them there stranded, call dancers to your house and put 50 people in one room and you travel round the world calling yourself queen of dance in Nigeria.

"A queen takes care of her followers, you don’t take care of us and you are putting us in your beef. I agree with Davido, anything Davido do to you, you deserve it. The same thing you've been doing to us".

In the video, dancers in the background cheered Michael on as he spoke. Watch below...