Kanye West Gifts Kim Kardashian £40,000 Earrings After Cancelling the Lavish Birthday Party He Planned Before Her Robbery

Looks like Kanye West is gradually replacing all the jewelry his wife Kim Kardashian lost during her devastating Paris robbery attack that saw items worth upto $10million, stolen from her hotel by a gang of five masked men.

While Kim is still laying low recovering from her ordeal, reports claim that Kanye has decided to cancel a huge birthday party he planned for her.

Kanye had allegedly planned a 1920s themed bash to celebrate Kim's 36th birthday this week, but sources claim that he decided to cancel the plans for security concerns.

A source told the TheSun: "Kanye is devastated he has to cancel – but his family’s security comes first. He had gone all out for Kim’s birthday and it was going to be an all expenses sparred event with champagne and canapés."

The source added that the rapper will host a "low-key" celebration for his wife and reportedly has a special present in store for her - a £40,000 pair of Ruby Lorraine Schwartz drop earrings, that he helped to design himself.

Kim has been keeping a low-profile since the shocking robbery incident.