Kim Who? Do You Realize There Are People On This Earth Who Don't Know Who Kim Kardashian Is?

Imagine being the most famous woman on earth - with over 200 million followers on all social media platforms - but not everyone knows who you are. Paris Police Chief has surprisingly revealed to the press that he didn't know who Kim Kardashian was until she was robbed. That's like our Police IG Ibrahim Idris, saying he doesn't know who Beyonce is.

The police chief investigating the £8.5million Kim Kardashian heist had never heard of the world famous celebrity - and only found out who she was after searching her name on the internet.

Paris police chief Christian Sainte received a phone call at 3am - just after the raid at her room in the luxury hotel in the French capital.

Miss Kardashian, who is married to famous rapper Kanye West, was bound and gagged before robbers stole her expensive jewellery.

Mr Sainte told Vanity Fair that the night officer in Paris informed him that a woman called Kim Kardashian had been the victim of an armed robbery in the city.

He told the magazine: 'I asked my number two "Who is this victim?"'

The night manager was also unaware of who she was and after the phone call, Mr Sainte searched her name and 'quickly understood who she was'.

He added: 'And now I know almost everything about her. The personality of the victim, Kim Kardashian, is not like anyone else. She has a lot of likes on Facebook.'

Mr Sainte added that Kardashian is 'giving information on social media all the time' about where she is but added he is confident of catching the robbers.