Lesbian Sex Tape Saga: Anambra Beauty Queen Chidinma Okeke Cries Out: "The Blackmailers Behind the Video Want to Shoot Me'

Dethroned Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, has sent out an s.o.s message, telling the public that her life is in danger.

Chidinma recently got embroiled in a messy viral scandal after a video of herself and another female having sex in bed, leaked online (watch here).

She initially denied she was the one in the video - she claimed her face was super-imposed in the footage. However, she was forced to come clean and admit she willingly shot the sex tape - after pageant organizers ordered her to hand over her crown to Miss Anambra 2015 runners-up.

In an updated post published on her Facebook page today - the disgraced beauty queen vowed to expose the "mafia" behind the sex video. She claims they want her dead because she plans to expose the dirty secrets of what beauty queens and vulnerable young girls are forced to do for pageants. According to her:

"Goodmorning All this is Chidinma Okeke MissAnambra2015 considering the need to make the world know the truth about the trending scandal and what we have been going through before,then and now I decided to address a world press conference at the NUJ press center Awka today but from the moment I made public this intention I have been under siege of threats by my blackmailers and traducers.They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if I ever open my mouth to say real truth about the ugly episode.

"Since I have no protection and if I die now the truth will be buried forever it's my intention to sacrifice myself to save not just myself but other girls and other upcoming pageant by letting the world know the truth and what we go through.They have continued to assemble all manner of expertise and professionals to edit the video and send them in badges.My life is under serious threat if they succeed in killing me today the world already know my traducers the truth is unearthed."