This Woman Claims Michael Jackson Fondled Her Private Part As A Child, Wrote Her Love Letters & Paid Her to Keep Quiet

Michael Jackson has a new child sex accuser – and this time it’s a woman. The unnamed lady claims the King of Pop molested her at the age of 12 - then paid close to a million dollars in hush money to keep her quiet.

A new Michael Jackson accuser has come forward to claim she was abused by the singer when she was just 12 years old - and then paid $900,000 to keep quiet.

The woman, who has filed the lawsuit as a 'Jane Doe', has revealed a collection of creepy notes she claims the singer sent her after he 'sexually abused' her.

In the correspondence, written in scrawling, childlike handwriting, Jackson allegedly tells her that he loves her and is 'crazy' about her. Each one is signed off as either Michael or 'MJ.'

'Your Valentine's picture was so original and sweet,' one note to the young girl reads. 'I love you sooo much also you're making me love you even more, the more I talk to you. I'm crazy about you. All my love Michael, the Monopoly King.'

In another, Jackson allegedly wrote how much he 'real liked' talking to the girl, adding that she 'cannot play Monopoly'.

'But I love you and miss you every much. All my love, Michael.'

A final pleading note begs the alleged victim to come and visit him.

'Please come and see. Your mother and dad are nice. Bye. I love you soooooo much. M.J'

She has also revealed a number of checks she claims the Billy Jean singer sent her as hush money. The alleged victim, now in her 40s, claims Jackson began abusing her in 1986 when she and her mother visited his Hayvenhurst mansion as tourists.

She said the Thriller singer had invited them into the house to see his 'candy area'. Once there he had fondled her genitals, kissed her on the mouth and body and abused her sexually, the lawsuit alleges.

The alleged victim says the abuse continued until she was 15, when she says Jackson began sending her hush money.

The first check began small at just $2,500, but they continued with a $600,000 check coming in 1993. Over three years, from 1993 to 1996, she received more than $900,000 according to the suit which attached copies of the checks and stubs.

Today she is suing for unspecified damages for emotional distress, negligence and more. Her lawyers say the checks are proof she was paid to keep quiet.

The woman, who is the first female to accuse Jackson of sexual assault, was described as being a tomboy when she met him in 1986.

'She kind of looked like a boy so we don't know if he initially thought she was a boy or not,' her attorney Vince Finaldi with Manly, Stewart & Finaldi told ABC 7 News.

The MJ Estate has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

The woman is one of many alleged victims who claim they were sexually abused by the singer. The King Of Pop is said to have shelled out nearly $200 million to as many as 20 victims, according to lawyers for two sex abuse accusers. The Jordan Chandler lawsuit alone is alleged to have cost more than $40 million, reports theNew York Post.

Australian choreographer Wade Robson and James Safechuck both claimed they were sexually abused as children by Jackson.