Wendy Williams Says Mariah Carey Deserved to Get Dumped! She's An Annoying Hotmess & James Packer Got Sick of Her

A few weeks ago, Wendy Williams told her audience that Mariah Carey and her billionaire businessman boo, James Packer, would never walk down the aisle.

Fast forward two weeks, and it looks like the US TV host's prediction has become a reality.

49-year-old Packer recently broke off his engagement to 46-year-old Mariah over her "extravagant spending". Packer also agreed to let Mariah keep her 35 carat diamond engagement ring, worth $10million.

Unsurprisingly, Wendy didn't waste much time to address the split on her show on Thursday. Speaking to her audience, she said:

"Mariah, I told you you wouldn’t marry him. I told you your antics would make him sick. I don’t think Mariah needs to change who she is - she just needs to find the right person who is going to put up with this mess. Reportedly James dumped her because of her extravagant lifestyle and because of her reality show.

"And here is how you know when a man is really done. When he says, 'You know what, keep the ring. A $10million dollar ring!' This is how much he’s done with her. Keep the ring! And this is how I want the world to know - I’m offing you - you’re not offing me."

Wendy said James was too busy paying attention to the "real news" rather than getting the "tea" about the singer from gossip websites.

"They have no idea of the tea. They’re watching the news. Silly, sily billionaires," she joked.

She told the audience she's sure James was attracted to her from across the room when he met her, but the "real" Mariah wasn't as attractive.

"He knows who Mariah Carey is but he just doesn’t know the fine writing below. She is annoying, she is… She doesn’t turn this off, this is not an act, this is really her."

Wendy also mentioned a report about James' mum not getting along with Mariah after he failed to go to his own sister's wedding.

"Listen this is all a mess but, Mariah, it could be messier. You’re also still married to Nick. So how about we square that away."

A picture of Mariah's recent Halloween party with ex Nick and their kids then flashes up on screen.

Wendy continued: "We should have known that James broke up with her at this particular time. She’s with Nick. Boobs are out."

She then added that Mariah should never change for him, despite it meaning she won't necessarily be able to hold a man down for the "long haul".

"Understand this. The ticks in your personality are going to keep your love life.. not for the long haul. Good luck Mariah. Good luck."