What Would You Do If It Were You? Sidechick Boldly Calls Married Man 'Sweetheart' On Facebook, Then Threatens His Wife

Hmm. Sidechick's of nowadays. No more shame! Facebook user Cynthia Valerian narrated what she read on her friend's husband's FB wall recently.

According to her, the man posted a few pictures on his birthday and people were commenting with their well-wishes.

His sidechick jumped in his comments and posted a lovely birthday shout out to him - calling him "sweetheart".

When his wife saw her comment, she asked the lady why she would post such a comment on her hubby's page. To which the girl brazenly replied; 'Take your stupidity elsewhere...I would have thrown you out of your husband's house if i wanted'.

The wife was shocked at what she read. So, she tagged her husband to read what the girl wrote. Unfortunately, rather than get an apology from her husband - the man told her to fight it out with the girl.

He specifically said: "she is your fellow woman, take out your frustration on her, do you think she is like other women you do scare away, if you think I will caution anybody this time then you must be joking?"

Can you imagine???