2face Opens Up: My Saddest Moment Was When People Tried to Use My Baby Mama Drama to Pull Me Down

2Baba, has revealed that his saddest moments were those times people taunted him with insults about his personal life and the amount of children he had with different women.

The singer who has six children from three different women but married to one, Annie, told TheSun:

My saddest moment was when they were writing things about me some years ago while I was celebrating the kids coming. Some people were using it against me, and saying some hurtful things to put me down. I wondered how people could be so mean as to say some things about other humans.

Another sad moment was when I lost my dad. All of a sudden I realized that this man who used to carry us on his shoulders and take us out for shopping and all that was going to die. Although, I tried all I could but I couldn’t help him, and he died. I cried like a baby.

Does he have regrets?
I am not somebody that likes to regret. I feel that whatever that happens has happened. The only thing I think of is how to blend and turn things positively. I don’t just sit down; fold my hands and start regretting. Instead, I re-adjust and move on.

12years after breakup - does he miss the Plantashun Boiz?
You know that once in a while you feel that way and nostalgia just overwhelms you and you are like ‘wow!’

It was really fun those days hanging out with Faze and Blackface, singing together, cracking jokes and living together in the hotel, and all the funny things we did. We have some plans to still do stuff, but right now, we haven’t fixed a particular date or anything concrete."