Aftermath of Trump's Win: Black Woman Almost Killed By Racist White People Who Told Her 'No More Neegaz In America'

A woman named Ashley Boyer took to her Facebook page to raise alarm over a near-death racist incident she experienced at a gas station yesterday after Donald Trump's victory was announced.

According to her, a group of white racists cornered her at the petrol station and called her unprintable names. They told her now that Trump has won, they won't have to deal with "black niggas" like her anymore.

They shoved a gun in her face and told her she was lucky there are witnesses around, otherwise they would have shot her.

In two separate incidents, two Muslim females were attacked by Trump supporters for wearing Hijab. One female, a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was beaten, robbed, and had her hijab ripped of by two men.

Read the rest of Ashley Boyer's rants below.