Ali Baba Replies Fan Who Told Him 'The Only Reason You're Successful Is Because Your Wife Is Rich'

Yesterday, Ali Baba shared this inspiring meme of Simon Cowell - explaining how he struggled with no job, no money, completely broke at 32, but still ended up becoming one of the richest men in the world today.

Some of Ali's fans did not agree with the message the meme is giving off. One partiuclar commenter told the comedian that people become rich because they have connections or are surrounded by succeful people willing to help them. The commenter made mention of Ali Baba's wife who is an Executive Director at a bank.

Scroll down to read the man's comments + Ali's response.

"When many people don't know your story, they find it hard to accept your story because, if they did, it would just make their own struggle infantile. Many would rather explain away your struggle and hustle, because it makes them feel good. It's like saying no one should blame me for failing, some of the people that passed lived near the school, or had parents as teachers, or had better books, or cheated... My stories of struggle are well documented. This kind of attitude of ascribing the success of anyone to "another person" just to discount or totally disregard the person's struggle, is one thing that is common amongst people who don't want to be asked "Are those not your mate? So, what are you waiting for?" I remember one time I asked a young lady why did she not get a job and she said "Because I was not ready to sleep with anyone for a job". That in her own reasoning, is a better way to make her not feel guilty.

"The struggle is real. But if you continue to believe the excuse that people like me got help just so you can feel good, e go hard. Look around you and see how comedians at the top of their games are living. Could it be their wives? This is the same thing I had to explain to many in the beginning of my career. One journalist even went to IDI Enyang, who was the brand manager of Satzenbrau, in 1995, to ask if he actually paid me N1.6m back then and for what? I had not met my wife then. I do not have to mention how lucrative my line of work is, just ask around with event planners and clients who use our services. Fees for 3-4hours of work, can be what some work for in a month. That can be very hard to imagine. A wife who works in a bank is a better explanation. What I usually ask is if comedians who joined the game in from 2000 can be comfortable... never mind, I admit... our wives made all our successes possible. I wish you a very successful wife."