Americans Have Started A Petition to Have Trump Removed & Hillary Installed As President-elect On December 19

Rapper T.I  posts to his followers

This is why you should never talk too much. Everything Donald Trump said in the past is coming back to bite him in the ass one day at a time.

In 2012 when Barack Obama was elected President, Trump called the election process a complete sham because Obama won only the Electoral votes but failed to win the Popular votes.

Trump took to Twitter to rant, calling for the Electoral governing body (college) to be investigated.

Welp. Fast forward November 8, 2016 - Donald Trump won the US Presidential Election after clinching ONLY the Electoral votes. Hillary WON the Popular votes.

Now that his old tweets have resurfaced - Americans have opened a petition on to have Trump's election nullified because he didn't win the Popular vote.

Based on his tweets, Hillary should be President-elect, not him. Because she won the Popular votes.

What he accused Obama of years ago, is what Americans are using against him now.

Hmm. Maybe TB Joshua's prophecy might end up being real, after all.

We have to wait and see if this petition flies.