Beyonce Steals the Spotlight At Country Music Awards In a Low-cut Sheer Dress That Revealed A Baby Bump?

Is Beyonce pregnant with her second child? That's the question on everyone's lips as the singer turned up at the 50th annual Country Music Awards to give a secret and boisterous performance of her song "Daddy Lessons" with the Dixie Chicks.

Mama Blue hit the stage wearing multiple strands of pearls and a sheer, champagne-colored body-hugging dress - that showed off what looked like a "fuller belly".

Is it food or baby???

When rumors that Beyonce would attend the show began swirling online - some Country music fans were upset that she (a pop singer), was invited to the awards to perform.

One Twitter user wrote: "Let me have my country music in peace".

Another suggested that whoever had invited her should be fired.

Welp. I guess what Beyonce wants, Beyonce gets.