Bitter Divorce Battle: 'F**k It, I Stand With Her' • Rahama Indimi's Sister Lashes Out At Mohammed Babangida

With regards to our previous post on Rahama Indimi calling out Muhammad Babangida on his latest attempt to abduct their four children using thugs; her sister has come out to publicly defend her.

Here's what she has to say about the messy situation:

"I know you are going through so much. Yes I have been with you, seen the pain and trauma that this is bringing to your lives. I also see a strong woman that will go to the end of the world to stand up for your kids. I see how sometimes it will be easier to say fuck it, here are your kids I can't be doing this for the rest of my life then you say no they are my kids too so I will fight for them because they need their mother. I see your struggle everyday and I see your wins. I see how your kids fight for you. I see how your 7yr old son stood up for you and said that they should arrest him instead of you so that you can stay with nahar. I was proud when yesterday nahar was trying to protect her brother during a hard time. I see how resilient your children are. I am proud to call you sister of mine. I will walk through fire with you. I will support you in everything. You have us for the rest of your life. You are my hero, you are my inspiration and I stand with you. The world can judge you for what they do not know but I will love you for what I do know. #istandwithyou".