Woman's Corpse Exhumed & Found "Intact" In Ibadan 4 Years After Burial

Facebook user Atidade Hassan Abioye, shared these images and wrote:

"What a wonderful surprise, allah is great.there is a woman who has been dead since 2012 and buried in the same year,in year 2016 the government decide to rehabilate some area around ojoo.and there is going to be a lot of demolition of houses and shop. but to my greatest surprise there is a particular burial woman that need to be dug out in other to construct the road properly.the greatest surprise there is that they dug the ground and met the woman how they buried her,no stains on her cloth,the rope is unloose and all part of her body is well preserved by Almighty Allah.there is heaven and there is hell,always be truthful in life and ave a good mind to your other neighbor.it a wonderful surprise at ojoo strabarg Ibadan.ALLAH is great and believe in him ans his messenger (saw)."