Imagine? Heidi Klum Spent A Whopping $10million On Her Halloween Costume Clones (That's N5billion !!!)

Can you imagine spending N5 billion on a costume she didn't even wear - but was worn by other people?! And here we are complaining about recession in Nigeria.

A woman like Heidi Klum does not come cheap. And it has been claimed it cost $10 million to have six of them after the supposed price tag of her spectacular clone-themed Halloween costume emerged.

The 43-year-old beauty, who looked in fine form as she stepped out in New York on Tuesday, splashed out a fortune on prosthetics and wigs according to the man who put the unusual design together.

As well as claiming the get up cost '10 million dollars,'  Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance told TooFab it took, 'tonnes of work, it's like doing Heidi 5 times. I couldn't have done it without Mike Fontaine, a fellow artist at my company Prosthetic Renaissance, and my crew of 7.

'Another vital aspect was Linda Hay and Rolando Beauchamp from Heidi's team. We all collaborated together like old friends. It's very professional, and we all seem to make it work.

He said that a master cast of the America' Got Talent favourite's face was taken, then a special mask was made for each of the girls chosen to appear as the model.

Mike said: 'Anyone can actually be Heidi if they wear this mask. But, the eye shapes of each girl will show through. That I cannot change. There's really only one Heidi, and her eyes tell it all!'

He also said it was all the costume was all the former Sports Illustrated favourite's idea, adding 'there's no changing Heidi's mind one she sees it in her head. But that's what I like about working with her. She knows what she wants very clearly.'