Craig David Addresses Rumours He Died & Has Been Replaced By A Body Double

Some fans think the REAL Craig David is dead. And a body double is prancing around town pretending to be him. Apparently, this conspiracy theory surfaced after recent pictures showed the British star looking fit, buff, and healthy.

He has undergone a phenomenal body transformation over the years thanks to hours spent honing his buff physique.

And Craig David has now responded to a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming that the 'real' 7 Days singer was actually killed after the release of his second album over 5 years ago, and replaced by a body-building impostor.

Appearing as a guest on the podcast It's All Connected, the 36-year-old addressed the strange rumours by jokingly playing along with the theory.

"That could well be the case, you never know what the deal is. And that stunt double is coming through well. It's almost like being reborn. He took the baton and he's like: 'OK great. Cool, that was nice what you did on Born To Do It and Slicker Than Your Average was nice. Let me take that baton from you'," he joked.

On the topic of conspiracy theories in general, the The British singer and DJ said: "I'm very on the periphery when it comes to conspiracy theories. I feel there's a lot of nonsense going on."

Dishing out advice to budding conspiracy theorists, Craig added: "Get involved. If you really want to know if there's aliens, then start working for NASA."

When quizzed by the hosts as to whether he was part of the Illuminati, Craig humorously evaded the question and simply questioned whether the interviewer was in fact unknowingly part of the alleged secret society.

Last month, the RnB hit-maker was forced to deny rumours that he is gay, telling KIIS FM's The Thinkergirls that he's definitely straight, and added that the seemingly never-ending speculation doesn't bother him.