Dear Broke People, Ed Sheeran Earns £30,000 a DAY • That's N17million!

Ed Sheeran's company has released his tax records for 2016 which shows he earns a whopping £30,000 a day.

The global superstar who used to sing in underground train stations before he was discovered - made a cool £11million in pre-tax profits last year according to latest accounts sent to Companies House.

That is more than double the £5.3 million he made in 2014, despite the fact that his last album, ‘X’, was released two years ago.

Despite his million-pound fortune, Ed is still very careful about how he spends his money.

He once revealed that he has a separate spending account where he puts in £1,000-a-month which he mainly spent on taxis’.

He said: “If I had all my money in one account, I would spend all of it.