Devastating Photos: Baby Suffers Severe Burns From Kerosene Stove Explosion

Facebook user Ossai Ovie Success, shared these heartbreaking photos of a baby at the hospital receiving treatment for burns from a kerosene stove explosion.

He didn't state clearly where the incident happened - but he offered safety tips on how to avoid incidents like this in the future. He wrote:

"Let's try to be extremely careful in our daily live activities so that we don't attribute our mistakes to the devil. Little things/precautions matter a lot. This innocent baby and mother suffer as a result of kerosene explosion. The hairs even pampers burnt, so you can imagine the severity yet God is faithful to this little soul.

"Not only them but others among whom some have lost their lives untimely. Be careful at where you purchase your kerosene. Refill your lanterns and stoves while they are off. Don't use your mouth to blow off your stove. Make sure it's off completely before taking it inside.

"Avoid sleeping with your lantern on and inside your bedroom. Avoid black market purchase. 
Kerosene should be kept out of the reach of our children. Don't send a minor to buy kerosene let alone filling/refilling lantern or stove or to put them on or off. Take your stove outside for cooking. 
Avoid late night cooking with stove."