Dumb Viral Video: Bloody Fight Ensues As Male Penguin Catches His GF Sleeping With Another Penguin

Honestly, oyibo people have time. This is what happens when there's no recession in your country, you have light in your house, and you've eaten morning food.

There's a viral video on the internet that has been viewed millions of times - and it's about penguins.

According to oyibo people, a furious penguin returned home to find his girlfriend mating with a new lover inside "a hole".

The scorned bird launched a ferocious attack at the homewrecker, pecking at his face and gouging his eyes out as they battled it out for the female's affection.

At one point, the husband penguin stops fighting and allows his girlfriend choose between him and the lover.

In a crushing defeat, the female chooses her new lover and crawls back into the hole with him to continue their sexing.

The clip titled 'Homewrecking Penguin' is from National Geographic channel's hit series 'Animal Fight Night .

Watch the ridiculous footage below. WARNING - your IQ might reduce by the end of the video.