Err...About Toke Makinwa’s Birthday Party: It Was Her New Boo Seyi Kuye That Surprised Her Not Maje Ayida

Toke Makinwa has moved on from Maje Ayida and she ain't looking back.

Regarding our earlier post about Toke getting a surprise visit from estranged husband Maje at her birthday dinner in Lagos yesterday; turns out it wasn't Maje. It was her new boo Seyi Kuye, who threw her the surprise party.

And those beautiful roses in her birthday pictures which she captioned "from my beloved" - that was from Seyi too!

US-based Seyi and Toke have been dating lowkey for several months now - and insiders claim they are pretty serious.

Funny enough, he shares a striking resemblance with Maje. Which is why many fans mistook him for Toke's ex husband in the video.

Watch that clip again below (of Seyi sneaking up on Toke from behind to say happy birthday!).