Eww or Nah? Sex Expert Advises Women to STOP Shaving Their Pubic Hair Because It Makes Sex Better

Welp. According to this "sex expert" Miranda Kane - love making is more enjoyable for women when they have plenty of hair 'down there' - because it gives you better orgasms when the hair follicles get stroked. She also added a few more tips on why you should never shave your pubs again.

1. Pubic hair collects pheromones – those lovely little particles that announce ‘Hello! I’m ready for sex, please!’. And is it just me, or do they smell good anyway? That lovely, musky scent that helps you remember what you were up to last night.

2. They’re protection from bacteria. Hairs draw up moisture and protect your genitalia from things like thrush, and removing it leaves tiny open wounds that increase your chances of abscesses and infections.

3. They increase sensation. At the end of each follicle is a nerve ending, so when you gently brush or breath over them, it gives you a tiny tingle to help stimulation.

4. They’re natural, they’re supposed to be there. It’s a major hint from nature that, like pretty much all the other nifty things in and around your body, they have a job to do. Whether that job is warmth, cushioning, or just being a filter for picking out people who want to degrade you by insisting they have a say in what you do with your body hair.

5. If you’re in a sexual relationship with someone who says things like, ‘The only hair I like is the hair on your head,’ then you’re going out with a dickhead. Seriously. Do not let them touch you. Do not give them the pleasure of your beautiful genitalia. Grab your coat, leave, do not pass go and seriously consider charging them £200 for the pleasure of your company.