Gay Rumours: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Denies Reports He Was Caught In Bed With Married Man By His Wife

A few years ago, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was heavily trailed by gay rumours after he became famous following his appearance in Big Brother Nigeria.

The alleged rumours forced him to flee Nigeria for nearly a year, before he returned back into the country after the gist had died down.

Fast forward today, the 34-year-old media personality who recently got married to wife Cynthia Obianodo, has been dragged into yet another gay-related drama involving newly wedded couple Yoye Banks and wife Iyamilele.

An anonymous source opened up a Twitter account this week to spill tea on the couple. The source alleges that the couple's marriage is a sham. The groom is reportedly gay and his wife only discovered this during their honeymoon.

Even worse, the wife reportedly found out that the person Yoye is allegedly having gay relations with is a 'newly married media personality who was on his grooms train'.

Welp. Ebuka got married few months ago in February 2016. He's a media personality. And he was one of Yoye's groomsmen. So, everyone assumes it's him the source is talking about.

However, he's come out to debunk the rumours by laughing off the reports on Twitter.

Scroll down to peep the entire tea spilled by the anonymous source + Ebuka's response.