Graphic Photos: Jealous Boyfriend Slashes GF's Throat In Adamawa After He Caught Her In Another Man's Car

A female student of the Adamawa state Polytechnic, had her throat slashed last night on campus by her boyfriend.

The lady identified as Witness, was rushed to specialist hospital Yola by her fellow female students.

The incident took place on November 9 at Yola Main Campus.

The lady is said to be dating a young man who was a student of the same institution - but had returned to rewrite a pending carry over course he failed to pass.

According to eyewitnesses, the boyfriend called the victim severally on her cell phone but she did not pick, neither did she return his calls - thus enraging her lover.

When her boyfriend went to the hostel to look for her, he saw her coming down from another man’s car with a polythene bag containing bread and raw eggs she went to buy. Upon sighting her - the enraged boyfriend got into a heated argument with her regarding her whereabouts.

Passersby who knew them prior to the incident, claim it is common to see both of them arguing - so they ignored them thinking it was their usual lovers spat.

Things took a turn for worse when the man suddenly pulled out a knife and slit her throat like he was slaughtering an animal. Her screams attracted residents in the area who came to fight him off  the man.

In an attempt to avoid mob action, the suspect ran to the school gate threatening to stab the security man if the gate was not opened for him.

The victim is currently under stable condition and the lover has been apprehended and arrested.