Horrific Video: Heartless Mother SLAPS Her Newborn Baby 42 TIMES Because It Couldn't Stop Crying

Police are investigating after horrifying footage showed a mother cruelly beating her tiny baby across the head and face.

The woman named Aygul Kozhabaevna, was reportedly filmed by an unnamed eight-year-old girl who witnessed the brutal act.

According to local news reports, the woman allegedly wanted to 'teach her child a lesson' because the baby refused to stop crying.

In the footage, the woman speaks to the child in a low voice, but then slaps the baby hard across the face multiple times. As the baby continues to cry, the woman slaps the child harder and more continuously.

During the 57 second video, the mother lashes out at the tot at least 42 times.

The disturbing footage originated in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. It was originally believed to have been recorded in August, earlier this year, but has only recently been released online.

The woman doing the beating is reportedly a migrant worker from neighbouring Uzbekistan who had travelled to Almaty with her family looking for a better future.