Husband Bites Off Wife's Nose After Her Family Refused to Give Him N1m & Motorbike As Dowry Payment

You know, in India women pay dowry to marry men. Unlike Africa where men pay 'bride price' to marry women.

A violent husband bit off his wife's nose after she refused to return home and agree to his dowry demands. Raj Kumari married Shiv Prasad two years ago but when the pair separated last year, Shiv, 23, continued to demand a luxury dowry from his wife's family.

He wanted them to pay him around £1,800 and buy him a motorbike .

The 21-year-old Indian woman moved out of her matrimonial home to live with her parents - but Shiv continued to harass her.

Raj said: "My husband and in-laws tortured me for a dowry since the moment we were married. They asked for a huge amount and a luxury motorbike , which my family could never afford.

"They used to physically attack me and they wouldn’t stop reminding me of it. ‘When they stopped me doing my studies I returned home. I refused to go back with him, as I would have missed out on my studies. But this is what he did when I refused to return with him."

She claims she was walking to classes on Tuesday, when Shiv ran up behind her and grabbed her, and suddenly attacked her before biting off a chunk of her nose.

As soon as he ran off she called her family and they quickly arrived before rushing her to a clinic.