Kendall Jenner Gets Lip Filler Injections to Make Her Pout Bigger But Denies It! Claims It's Lip Liner From Kylie

Looks like Kendall Jenner has followed in her family's footsteps by getting some work done on her face. Not only has she been accused of getting botox - which gives her face a weird frozen look - she's also getting dragged by fans for injecting her lips with fillers to make them bigger.

But guess what? She's denying it!

Her sister Kylie took to Snapchat yesterday to post a video telling fans that Kendall did not get her lips done. She told her nearly 80million followers that she helped Kendall draw her lips with a liner to make them bigger.

This was the exact same story Kylie told the media when pictures of her noticeably bigger lips surfaced on the internet two years ago. At first she denied she had any cosmetic procedure done to her face - she claimed she was overdrawing her lips with liner and lipstick.

However, she later came out to publicly admit that she indeed got lip filler injections.

I guess we'll have to wait for Kendall to admit hers.

By the way, fans are saying Kendall deleted her Instagram account unannounced last week because of the cosmetic procedure she allegedly had done to her face. Apparently, she was afraid people will notice if she posts pictures on her page.