Lagos School Dismisses Bruised 2-year-old Pupil After Her Father Filed Child Abuse/Neglect Complaint With Police

Due Process Advocate is currently investigating a case involving physical assault of a two-year-old girl at her nursery school in Lagos. The parents of the toddler plan to sue the school if investigations prove child abuse and neglect on their part.

According to the complainant who posted this on social media: "My uncle got to his daughter's school for pick up after the end of school day in the evening! @7:30pm cos there's a special arrangement for pupils staying after school hours.. He met his daughter bleeding on the head and he asked whoever was in charge some questions and the only reply they gave was it's not their fault that it happened in the afternoon without placing a call to her parents neither did they give her a first aid treatment That's been unfair to a 24 months old baby girl... He reported the case to the police station and the school management was summoned and with all said and done, they pleaded with no sign of being remorseful and the child resumed after being treated and all only for the parents to get a dismissal letter from the school that the child has been dismissed after all.. Thanks."