LOL...Ali Baba Claims US Immigration Denied Cossy Orjiakor Entry Because of Her Massive Boobs Which Is Considered 'Milk Contraband'

Ali Baba shared a funny (allegedly true) story of how Cossy Orjiakor was held up by US immigration last month because of her ridiculously big bosoms. Apparently, customs and immigration considered her boobs "dairy products". So, she was denied entry because they don't allow milk into the country. LOL!.

According to him: "So Cossy Ojiakor and I were on the same flight to the USA last month... I had crossed Immigration and even checked in and realized she had not called to say she had checked in... called later and found out they held her back at the airport for 2 hours. Why? I asked her. She said they said something about 'No dairy products allowed'".

Cossy replied to the comedians post, writing: "Hahaha #special #dairy that's why #cowbell and #peak #hollandia #drest are so jealouse.... and so i can't get endorsement from them cuz they are scared Jane and Janet will become the only nafdac approved milk for the elders and babies... Soon I will start manufacturing natural home yogurt with my sister @romangoddess1 hahaha will u #drink #our #milk? . Hahaha. #happy #jane #sweet #janet."