Man Arrested For Murder After He Foolishly Tattooed Victim's Death Date On His Arm

A fugitive has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his lover after apparently tattooing the date he allegedly killed her on his arm.

This incredible photograph has been released by investigators in Spain after they accused the man of writing the name of his ex-love Lisa on his arm along with her date of birth.

Police claim the tattoo also has a cross with her apparent date of death and the the words Gracias Por Todo - Spanish for ‘Thanks for Everything’.

The man was held in a hotel in the Costa Brava resort of Lloret de Mar after a Europe-wide manhunt was launched sparked by a selfie he posted on his alleged victim’s Facebook next to the Eiffel Tower after the violent crime.

Footage of the moment he was arrested in boxer shorts has also released by police.

The fugitive, who was not named by Spanish police but was identified by German press while he was on the run as Dominik Riedl, allegedly slit his girlfriend’s throat at the end of last month and left her body in rubbish bags at their home in the Bavarian town of Freyung.

Spanish officers said he then fled with the couple’s toddler child.

The youngster, a boy who has been named in Germany as Luca, was discovered safe and well during the arrest and has been taken into local authority care.

His 22-year-old dad will now go before a judge in Madrid for an extradition hearing. His 20-year-old partner has been named only as Lisa H.

Spanish National Police confirmed in a statement: “Spanish National Police have arrested a German fugitive suspected of slitting his girlfriend’s throat and fleeing to Spain with his 18-month-old son. The crime he was wanted for took place at the end of last month when German police found the body of the victim, a woman aged 20, in rubbish bags at the couple’s home.”

Revealing Spanish police were tipped off early on in the investigation that he could be in Spain, it added: “Throughout the investigation, the main police objective has been to find and safely rescue the young boy.

When he was arrested the alleged killer was sporting several tattoos, including one with the name of his partner, her date of birth, a cross with the date of 27 October 2016 and the inscription ‘Gracias por todo’ in Spanish.

“This most recent and macabre one with the October 27th date on it can be interpreted as the date of her death.”

He is thought to be facing up to 15 years in jail if found guilty of her homicide.