Man narrates how he mistakenly sent N53k to a wrong bank acct - the acct owner sent back N25k and kept the rest

A nairaland user narrated his ordeal with a wrong bank transaction. Here's what he has to say;

"Exactly 3 weeks ago, i made a terrible mistake by sending an amount (#53,000) to a wrong account number. Immediately, I put a call through to my bank to help reverse the transaction but couldn't reach the customer care representative. I tried several times but exhausted all my credits waiting on the line for someone to pick up. I sent mails and tweets, yet no postive response either.

After about 3 hours i was able to speak with a customer care rep. I explained everything to her, she did a background check, confirmed the transaction but sadly, it was already late, she said the recipient had fully withdrawn the money. My head went blank immediately I heard that. She said they have a team that works on such, and that they will get back to me.

I did a check on the account number i wrongly sent the money to and then I realized it was a nairalander, whom I once paid for his service sometime around middle of this year. I do not know him in person. Then I started searching through for his contacts and luckily I got one. I put a call to him, tried explaining myself but from his tone I realised one would require a long conversation, and also for evidence purposes, I decided to resort to whatsapp. The following are the conversations with him.

Of course I never believed the whole he was expecting 50k and old woman rooster and bull story he came up with, I just thought I should play along and try not to upset him. You know, JUST MAYBE he might fully return the money. After he paid back 25k, I intentionally refused to put pressure on him, I called him only twice or thrice throughout the whole period to ask about the remaining money, but he kept saying the same thing. That the woman's son has not paid yet, so i have to continue to wait, blah blah blah. I sensed where the whole drama was leading to.

So I decided to stop been nice and playing dumb with him. I put a call through to him on Thursday and told him in clear tone to return the money. He immediately hanged the call and blocked my number on whatsapp. I knew what that meant. I didn't contact him again until yesterday nite when I used a friends line to message him on whatsapp and inform him of my intentions to post all his informations here on nairaland. I gave him 24 hours to get back to me, and declare his intentions to return the money. Oh well as expected he immediately blocked the said number and refused to get back to me till this moment."