Mavin Singer Di'Ja Reacts to US Elections: 'Love & Fix Your Own Country So You Won't Depend On America'

Don Jazzy's protégé Di'Ja, says people shouldn't be upset that Donald "Trumped" Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential polls yesterday.

The new mum believes if our country is well developed, Nigerians won't need to travel to the US or depend on any other foreign country for survival.

According to her: "Maybe it is time to stop running to America every time we have a problem in Our own country. It takes hitting rock bottom to hit Reset! This election should remind you THERE R OTHER COUNTRIES OTHER THAN AMERICA that have potential for greatness. What you forget is THEY built their country with YOUR RESOURCES and support of YOUR labour. YOU TOO CAN BUILD YOURS. It is not the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new one. TRUMP or HILLARY sha fix your own face! WE ALL HAVE WORK TO DO!"