Meek Mill Allegedly Walked In On Nicki Minaj Having Lesbian Sex With Rapper Young M.A • That's Why He Broke Up With Her!

Recall a few weeks ago news went viral that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj had broken up. Meek fueled the breakup rumours further by deleting his Instagram account.

However, a few days after he went off the gram, he returned and started promoting his new album - making it look like it was all a publicity stunt.

Welp. Insiders are now reporting that Meek actually dumped Nicki after he discovered she was sleeping with a female rapper she reportedly has a crush on.

According to The Inquisitr – Meek allegedly walked in on Nicki and Young M.A having a lesbian tryst. The incident happened backstage in her dressing room at a concert.

Meanwhile, MediaTakeOut is reporting that Nicki has a huge crush on Young M.A. According to website:

“We’re not one to start any rumors. But folks on social media are saying that Nicki Minaj has been ‘BLOWING UP’ female rapped Young M.A’s phone. According to the reports on Instagram, Nicki has a CRUSH on Young M.A and the two have been flirting over text for the last couple of weeks. We’re pretty sure the two will make MUSIC together… but could the two ladies end up being a COUPLE? Now that would be interesting. They definitely look cute together.”