Bold ANGRY 5-year-old Girl Slams UK Prime Minister For Not Giving Homeless People Biscuits & Sandwiches

A five-year-old girl has criticised UK Prime Minister for a lack of spending and not helping homeless people.

Brooke Blair lashed out at Theresa May in a YouTube video posted by her mother.

In the video Brooke said she had seen "hundreds and millions" of homeless people on the streets and that Mrs May should be distributing biscuits and hot chocolate, or even building houses for them.

She said: "My name is Brooke Blair and I'm five years old. I've got something to say to you, Theresa May. Yesterday night I was out on the streets and I saw hundreds and millions of homeless people. I saw one with floppy ears, I saw loads. You should be out there, Theresa May, you should be ... biscuits, hot chocolate, sandwiches, building houses.

"Look, I'm only five years old, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm saving up money and there'll never be enough. You've got the pot of money, spend some and help people. That's what you've got to do, because we've had lots of wars in this country and I do not like that, Theresa May. I'm very angry."

Watch the audacious clip below.