Photo: Residents Cry Out Over Dead Body Neglected On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway For Almost A Week

Social media user Tayo, shared this photo writing: "This dead body has been in berger inward lagos from Lagos/Ibadan express way, just before the pedestrian bridge since last thursday/friday and as i type today wednesday the 23rd of November it is still there. I called the attention of the policemen by the bridge and they said "madam that place is ogun state" like are you for real? 
I have also been calling the the lagos state emergency service everyday on 767 and they just keep saying "we are sorry we will look into it". My 6 years old son had to reply them 1 of the times i called saying " that is what you keep saying". It is so sad that in Nigeria of today, we don't value human lives anymore. Everybody just go about turning a blind eye to what is important and life threatening."