Nigerian Man Survives Train Accident In the UK That Left 7 Dead & Over 50 Injured (Pics)

At least seven people were killed in a tram (train) accident on Wednesday November 9, in south London, British Transport Police said more than 50 people were taken to hospital with injuries after the tram derailed in the Croydon area.

A Nigerian woman has told of her relief that her husband survived the tram crash. Kudirat Okesola, 46, was woken up by a frantic call from her son saying his dad has been in an accident.

Mrs Okesola, who has lived in Headley Drive for nine years, rushed down to the scene to find her husband, Taiye Ajibola, who had been travelling in the first carriage of the two-carriage tram.

Speaking outside Croydon University Hospital today, Ms Okesola said: "When I got there he was very anxious and shaky. I saw people with very bad injuries, my husband was covered in blood. Some people were unconscious. People were screaming. People were crying, calling for help.

"He's got a big, massive cut to the right side of his face. He might be discharged today or tomorrow. I'm very glad it wasn't worse. They were covering the bodies of people who were dead."

She said her husband, a 54-year-old counsellor, was on his way to work at a secondary school in south east London when the tram derailed.

"He was travelling in the first carriage. I was told the people in the first carriage were much luckier than the people in the second carriage," she explained.

To watch a clip of Mr Ajibola recounting the accident, click here.