Shock Pics: Meet the 4-year-old Girl Born With GIANT Facial Tumour

Angel's mother Cypres Salon, from the Philippines, said she was concerned when she didn't hear her daughter cry.

But it wasn't until she saw her baby for the first time five days later, that she realised the severity of the situation.  Little Angel had been rushed to another hospital for treatment after being born with encephalocele, a rare brain hernia.

The hernia, which is more common in children from South-East Asia than elsewhere, is caused when the skull and tissue surrounding the brain doesn't completely close up in the womb. 

"When I saw her for the first time, I cried a lot. I cried every moment I looked at her and I blamed myself for her condition," Ms Salon told The Age.

Angel had surgery at just four months after her parents raised $5,500 for surgery in the Philippines, but despite it helping to stop her 'brain spilling into the hernia,' it was still covering most of her left eye.

Ms Salon was referred to the foundation by Interplast, a group of Australian and New Zealand volunteer surgeons, nurses and allied therapists who provide free surgical treatment and medical training to people in developing countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The Children First Foundation flew Angel and her father to Australia for surgery and the craniofacial unit at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital performed the procedure in September.

The four hour surgery, performed by surgeon Walter Flapper, involved cutting the 200 gram lesion off Angel's face before using bone taken from her hip to seal the hole in her forehead.

The surgery was a success and Angel was later able to see clearly for the first time.