'There Is Hunger In Nigeria, I'm Tired, Do Something Fast' • Daughter of Buhari's Special Asst. Rants

Moremi Ojudu, the once quiet daughter of Senator Babafemi Ojudu, the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari, exploded on Wednesday, breaking her silence for the second time in less than 24 hours to rail against hunger and poverty in the land. In a series of Facebook posts, she rants:

"There is HUNGER in the land. It's no longer funny.

"It's painful when people come to my inbox telling me am the Daughter of the Special Assistant to the President. Yes I know, its just a freaking title with absolutely NOTHING attached. I am HUNGRY as you are.

"Pls note, I receive no shishi from my father, I hustle my way out through it all. Sometimes I wish I wasn't , cause the regular demands on me is much each day. And of course, how many people would understand.

"Sometimes, I weep due to lack of funds. I know how excited I was some weeks back when a friend sent me N10,000. The hunger bites hard, its becoming aggravating.

"Dear Buhari, even if Ojudu Babafemi is in your cabinet, should this HUNGER continue I am ready to pair up with People on the streets to lead a protest against your governance.