Things Are Moving Fast! Prince Harry's New GF Meghan Markle Is Now Staying With Him At Kensington Palace (Photos)

Prince Harry’s new girlfriend Meghan Markle is currently staying with him at Kensington Palace. The 35-year-old actress reportedly took a break from filming her hit US TV show Suits to fly over to London to be with her man.

She allegedly told studio bosses she had “something important to do” and was understood to have been “desperate” to see the ginger prince.

The brunette actress is staying with Harry at his Nottingham Cottage pad, which Prince William and Kate used to live in.

Meghan was spotted shopping in west London’s posh Kensington High Street, just down the road from the palace - where she is said to have returned with two bulging bags.

She was originally due to visit London last weekend but was forced to cancel plans due to scheduling conflicts at work and worries about security.

The star was left terrified after a freelance photographer tried to break into her Toronto home. "She was totally shaken up," a source told Us Weekly.

Meghan's visit comes just days after Harry, 32, publicly declared his love for her and jumped to her defence over claims she had suffered abuse since it emerged she was Harry’s new girl.