This Stunning British Girl Desperately Wants to Date A Nigerian Guy After She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On Twitter

A Sugar Daily reader brought our attention to a Twitter fight between pretty university student, Jocelyn and her badboy boyfriend who broke her heart and embarrassed her on social media.

Jocelyn caught her man cheating after he posted a picture of a booty-ful naked woman he was about to "slaughter" in bed.

He boastfully shared the rude pic on his Twitter and captioned it: "views".

As soon as Jocelyn saw the pic on her timeline, she quickly called him out and broke things off with him.

The good thing is - Jocelyn loves Nigerian guys. So, she's looking for a Yoruba Demon or Igbo Wizard who can "ruin her life" further.

Did I mention, she's very beautiful and has lips like Kylie Jenner!!! Peep below...