This US-Nigerian Athlete Shared A Prophetic Tweet 5-years Ago With Three BIG Dreams That All Came True

In 2011, Nigerian born US athlete Morolake Akinosun tweeted a big dream with faith.

She told her followers that by 2016 she will turn 22 and graduate from a university she hadn't even chosen yet. She also said she would be going to the Olympics to win a gold medal.

Fast forward five years later - all three dreams came true!

On May 17, 2016, she turned 22-years-old.

In August 2016, Morolake won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

And in September 2016, she graduated from the University of Texas.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about her achievements, the 22-year-old sprinter said she posted the tweet in 2011 after watching the World Championships for Track and Field.

"At the time I tweeted that out, it was more of a dream and an aspiration. I wasn't on the level yet and I didn't know for sure that I would every get there, but I for sure wanted to get there.

"I truly believed this was a goal of mine, and I dreamed big, and I was able to achieve my dream. I want to encourage girls to go ahead and go after it, no matter how big it is, no matter how many people think your dream is unachievable."