Video: Eyewitnesses Reveal How Seun Egbegbe Goes to Computer Village Regularly to STEAL Phones

Despite releasing a statement to exonerate himself from the embarrassing theft scandal he's currently embroiled in - multiple eyewitnesses in computer village and other phone shops, have come out to reveal how Toyin Aimakhu's ex, Seun Egbegbe goes from shop to shop robbing sales people blind under the pretext of being a celebrity.

According to them, it's not the first time he's stolen phones in computer village. He goes there regularly, takes phones and other gadgets without paying.

Also, contrary to claims made by the movie producer that he's currently at home and not in police custody - sources at the station have confirmed that he's being held in a cell at Area F police station since yesterday after he was rescued from mob action.

Scroll down to watch the video by Goldmyne TV: