Video: Virgin Pastor Job Antwi Finally Has Sex • Reveals 'It's the Sweetest Thing On Earth, I Cried When Doing It'

Remember Job Antwi? The man who founded a group called Association of Virgin Pastors - who preach the gospel of God whilst abstaining from sex? (recap).

Welp. Dude has finally had sex. And he swears it's the best thing that ever happened to him.

The man-of-God who tied the knot with his fiancee last weekend, revealed how mind-blowing it was to experience sex for the first time.

Speaking to Joyfm Ghana, he said: “I never knew sex is this sweet; since I was born I have not experienced this before. It is sweeter than everything, in fact, I wish I can do it every day"

Recounting his first experience, Apostle Antwi said he got emotional and cried while "doing it" because he didn’t want to disappoint his new wife. But he said his wife is experienced sexually - and she assisted him to navigate his way through the ‘Garden of Eden’ very easily.

My wife has dated before and has experienced so she taught me how to do it. I love my wife than every lady on this earth. If you marry in the Lord and you sleep with a woman, God likes it so still the power of God is upon me,” he stated.

Apostle Antwi who described himself as a patron of the Virgin pastors said he will soon announce the new president of the group.