WATCH: Action Movie Goes Horribly Wrong As Two Actors Drown During Dangerous Helicopter Stunt

Two Indian actors have died after a helicopter stunt went wrong and they drowned in a reservoir yesterday.

Anil Kumar and Raghav Uday, jumped into the water from a low-flying helicopter while shooting the climax scene of their new action movie.

Sadly, minutes after they jumped into the lake, both men failed to resurface - and have been presumed dead.

A third actor, Duniya Vijay, who also jumped into the reservoir, was lucky to have made it out of the water alive.

According to reports, a safety boat failed to pull them out of the water in time.

The two actors that drowned were "stunt men" that didn't know how to swim.

A criminal investigation is now underway as police have reportedly brought a case against the makers of the movie.

Watch the video clip below.