We All Saw This Coming, Didn't We? • Wendy Williams Says of Kanye Mental Breakdown & Hospitalization

Wendy Williams thinks everyone saw Kanye West's hospitalisation "coming". Speaking on her show today, the TV host also claims the rapper was admitted to hospital for something "way more than sleep exhaustion".

Wendy told her audience: "So it’s been eight days since he has been hospitalised. In the hospital where he is, they’re saying this is a long time to be there - eight days. He was supposed to be released yesterday but they’re saying he’s still not stable. And we all saw this coming, so there is nothing we can do apart from say we wish him the best."

Of course, after wishing him the best, she couldn't resist throwing a little shade at momager extraordinnaire Kris Jenner and the rest of the famous family.

"Kim reportedly is at his side non-stop - I do believe that. I do. Based on her robbery. If she hadn’t been robbed then maybe I would think something differently. You know, like the family is 'Lamar-ing' him.

"But because queen of the family Kim has gone through what she’s gone through and Kanye is going through what he’s going through, I do believe she is by his side all the time."

Throwing some more shade, Wendy told her audience filming on Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been temporarily halted. The audience then clapped as Wendy pull her best poker face before letting out a little laugh.

She continued: “This year only has 30 more days. So that’s not a stretch, but they’re saying the future of the show seems uncertain. I’m sure the mum is certain of where the future of the show will go and I’m sure it will probably play out someway in this plotline. The mum is definitely planning something.”

While speaking about the reasons behind the rapper's admission to hospital - they were reported to be exhaustion and sleep deprivation - she added:

"Well last week when we talked about it people were saying it was sleep exhaustion. This is way more than sleep exhaustion because we have all been sleep exhausted. I don’t even know what that that or sex addiction is. Sleep exhaustion? Are you serious? Aren’t we all? Sex addiction? Is that a hashtag for cheating?"